You need water, in fact, your body is composed of up to about 60% water. It is vital for so many functions and structures in your body.

You want to drink more water, but you come to the end of the day and somehow, once again, your water bottle is still half full. You were just so consumed in your day that you did no more than just sip here and there. How can you force yourself to want to drink more water? It seems easy, but . . . . .if you are like me, you often fall short.

Here’s where you may need some help – keep reading to learn my 9 tricks to make you drink more water. I know it has helped me improve my water intake dramatically!

First of All – How Much Water Should You Drink Anyway?

Yes, just how much water should you really drink per day? You have all heard 8, 8 oz of water per day (or maybe 10). It makes it easy to remember.

Many experts believe you should take your weight in pounds – divide by 2, and drink that amount of water in ounces daily. OK – if you are not into doing the math, just fill in your weight in my calculator below. Then add your exercise time and size of your favorite cup or water bottle to find out how many you have to drink to get your minimum recommended water intake for the day.

So, do you get enough water per day?

Of course, this is just an estimate and is not a perfect recommendation. There are many things that may change your water requirements, but that is the minimum you should shoot for. Things like hot weather, activity level/strain, illness, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and diet are a few of the things that can increase your need for water.

So how in the world do you drink that much water?? Perhaps you just don’t care for it, or maybe you are just so busy that you just let the day go by and never think about it. It is not always easy, but so important for your health.

About 80% of your water intake is from the obvious – fluids (& yes, this includes more than water, but water is the BEST). The other 20% comes from the foods you eat. Yes, that does count – you eat your water too! Foods high in water content include things like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and of course soups. That is not always easy to quantify or count on so I have come up with 9 tricks to make you want to drink more water and get that habit down.

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The List: 9 Tricks to Make You Drink More Water

1. Use a Straw

I find that I drink more when I have a straw, it just seems more convenient. Don’t you think you could easily take a quick sip when you walk by your water bottle just sitting on the counter or while you are carrying it around if it has a straw? I think it is also easier to drink a larger volume at a time when I have a straw – easier to “gulp it down.”

I love these reusable straws – get silicone or stainless steel. Try to steer clear of plastics for many reasons including excess waste and health concerns. If you like straws – these reusable straws are even nice to keep in your purse, after all, you soon may not be able to get a straw anywhere when you go out. Bonus: “kid friendly too!”


2. Get a Nice New Water bottle or Cup (or 2 or 3)

Why not get a brand new cup or water bottle to entice yourself a bit? Look for your favorite color or design to serve as your perfect accessory. Then you can choose the one that is right for you!

What do I look for in a water bottle? Mine is double-walled stainless steel with a silicone straw. Check out my EcoVessel, and believe me I have tried quite a few to find my fav. Go ahead head on over to Amazon and it can be sipping your water from it in 2 days with Prime, the only way I order by the way. You choose the options you like – there are so many available. Here again though – I stay away from plastic. I would especially avoid if it will be in a warm car or outside in the warm sun – those chemicals from the plastic can leach right into your water. You don’t want to drink that! It stays colder in double walled stainless steel and won’t sweat and make a mess anyway.

Not only should it look good – get a few! Have one for work or travel, one for home, and one for your gym bag or anywhere else you need to have them scattered. Make them easily available – you will always have a clean one.

Check out a few of these great options:

3. Set Goals & Write Them Down

I just did a post recently on goal setting. If you read that, you know that you are significantly more likely to be successful if you write down your goals. Print off my free habit tracker, fill in “Water Habit” & your goal number of ounces that you calculated above, then just check off the successful days! Keep this handy and it will be a good reminder. You can easily see how many days you have been on track!

4. Add Fruit

I know some of you are saying, “but I don’t like water!” I  have certainly heard that before. How about adding a little flavor! No, this does NOT mean Crystal Light! You do not want to “ruin” your water with artificial sweeteners.  There are a lot of options out there, however, there are only a couple of things that I would recommend.

I myself, stay away from any premade package of any type of extra flavor, vitamins, electrolytes, etc. Good old water is the best!

Here are a couple of options if you really need to add a flavor:

  1. Real Fruit! You can add frozen fruit or freeze it into your ice cubes or perhaps squeeze a little lemon or lime juice into your cup. You will then add your extra vitamin C too! Some great options: cucumber, berries, lemon, lime, melons, and more. Mix with mint or lavender for an extra punch of flavor.
  2. Just a splash of 100% fruit juice. This is not just any juice – many add extra sugar. Just add a splash and gradually reduce until you get used to drinking water.

water with fruit

5. Add Carbonation

Soda lovers – this is for you! Of course, I recommend ditching that soda habit! If you are tired of plain old water and need that extra fizz to make it drinkable you can add carbonation. This may be a great option if, for example, you have already had a few cups, but want something special to go with your meal.

I love my Soda Stream, and that is what I use it for. I have never bought the mixes made for it, but just pair it with fresh fruit or keep it plain and simple, to add a little pizzaz to my water.

6. Make it Cold

I hate drinking warm or even room temperature water. How refreshing does some ice cold water sound? The colder the better! When it is cold – I drink significantly more.

Even better – cold water is thought to actually increase your resting metabolism! Even though this is just slight – it all counts right?! So go ahead and add more ice! That is why I like the double walled stainless steel bottles or cups – it stays cold ALL DAY!

7. Invest in a Filter

Depending on where you get your water – this might be a good idea. We happen to have well water at our house and we invested in a reverse osmosis system. We had Culligan install ours, but you can get one and put it in yourself too. It was so worth it to us.

If you want to “clean up” the flavor of your water or want to remove some of the impurities, there are some good options. As far as larger systems go I would recommend reverse osmosis or the Berkey water filter. These are more of an investment, but again  – it will be worth it.

If you are looking for something smaller and more simple. Here are a few decent options:

8. Get an App

Of course, there’s an app for that! You always have your phone with you right? Well, that makes it easy to track your progress. A simple search will give you plenty of options. I found the “Plant Nanny” interesting – you have to drink enough water to keep the plant alive or maybe “Daily Water – Drink Reminder” where you can set reminders during different times of the day to drink your next glass of water. I may just have to give one of them a try.

Not only are there apps, but you can also get a smart water bottle! I’m not sure I would go for that, but you may love it. These link up with apps to track and give you reminders, sometimes via a glowing bottle. Click on these options and check them out!



9. Use Trigger Behaviors to Remind You

If you are not into all the tech stuff – this will be more for you. What if you said every time you went to the bathroom you drank some water. Create your own trigger! Maybe set it in a common location and every time you pass it, or down a glass before and after every meal – be creative! If you join it with a habit or behavior you already have it will make it easier.

Aren’t you more motivated to drink more?

I know I am. It is something that everyone can improve and has so many benefits. Your skin, weight, and overall health will thank you! Choose the tips you like most, combine a few and you will instantly be increasing your water intake and feel and look better!

What tip is your favorite? Do you have another tip? I always love to get new tips!



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6 Comments on 9 Easy Tricks to Make You Want to Drink More Water

  1. Sipping water while I read this! I have my own cups that I use with motivational sayings on them so I know I’m drinking out of something special. I also drink herbal teas without sugar/sweetener. Thank you for the great tips!

  2. I had no idea how much water I needed to be drinking! That is an awesome calculator. I’ll definitely try adding some strawberries to it instead of mio lemonade. What are your favorite fruits to add to water?

  3. This is the hardest for me.. I just don’t care for the taste of water all the time and constantly running to the bathroom, but I need to drink way more. I’ve noticed the straw trick works too! A lot quicker of a drink.

    • I know quite a few people that say that – try some of the tips to make it taste more to your liking. I hear you on the bathroom thing, it is the worst at first when you increase as your body gets used to it, but if you stick with it that actually seems to get a bit better.

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