A secret? Well, maybe not sooo secret – it is becoming quite a trend. But for good reasons!


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Did you know that masking really should be an important part of your beauty routine? AND that it may improve the look of your skin immediately and help your regular skin care regimen work even better? I know how impatient you are – you want results now!

I know what you are thinking – You are a busy mom who hardly has time to sit down and when you do you are ready to crash right? Who has time for a face mask?

Yes, true, but hear me out on this one. Whether you multitask while wearing it or enjoy a spa night locked in your bathroom, you want to make time for this.

Why a face mask?

It might just seem like a silly thing or just a novelty, but there are some pretty good reasons to mask. Different types of masks will yield different results, however here are some general benefits of masking:

First of all – self-care and relaxation! We all need some pampering time – even if you can’t make it to the spa, right? Putting on a robe and a mask just makes you want to forget about all the other chaos around you.

Deep Cleaning. Yes, your face, just like your house can benefit from a deep cleaning. Get those pores clean and refined! By the way, much easier and more relaxing than cleaning your house.

Your skin care products will work better. Yes, that’s right! If you regularly deep clean by masking; your skin is toned, moisturized, and exfoliated. This then allows your whole skin care regimen to work better and with faster results!

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Two Amazing Clean Beauty Face Masks

So now that I have convinced you to incorporate a face mask into your routine, you have to choose the right mask for you! There are so many out there from do-it-yourself recipes to high-end skin care or even drug store varieties. You can find them everywhere!

Let me tell you about my two favorite masks by EVER.

Why EVER? Ingredients are important for not only your skin’s health but your overall health. EVER is dedicated to producing products with a clean ingredient profile – only ingredients that will be beneficial while leaving out those that are questionably harmful to your overall health. All of that while still providing you with clinical results. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream too. You can read my 10 reasons to choose EVER for your skin care for more info.

1. Purify Deep Clean Detox Mask

EVER Purify Mask Product Picture with magnolia flower

Yes, if you are already an EVER fan you have seen Purify before, well it is BACK and even better than before! It has gorgeous new packaging and is in an easy to dispense tube. Not only is it easier to use, but you will get more product at an even lower price point! You can’t beat that!

Who is purify for?

Purify is for those that have normal, combo, or oily skin. It aids in removing impurities and shrinks those pores. Those with acne prone skin found it quite effective to use it 1-2 times weekly. This worked wonders when added to their existing acne treatment regimen.

I can speak from experience that this is amazing at shrinking pores. Those pesky blackheads and large pores on my nose have definitely met their match with Purify!

What important ingredients are in Purify?

  • Mediterranean Clay: to remove impurities and toxins
  • White Peony Flower Stem Cells: to minimize oil and provide hydration
  • Calendula: to soothe redness and blemishes

If Purify does not seem to be the right one for you, hold on . . . .I have the perfect match for anyone!! GLOWIFY!

2. GLOWIFY Brightening Metallic Mask

You read that right – “METALLIC” or more accurately rose gold mask!! Imagine applying “gold” to your face! If you have normal to dry skin Glowify is for you! AND as the name implies if you are looking to enhance the glow of your skin – you found your match.

This mask has a cooling sensation or “minty tingle” that stimulates blood circulation giving your skin a brilliant glow as well as softer, smoother appearing skin. Can’t you just feel that tingle now?!

EVER Glowify product picture

What important ingredients are in Glowify?

  • Rose Flower Extract: to provide hydration
  • Lactic Acid: rids you of dead skin to reveal the fresh, younger skin underneath
  • Wintergreen Leaf Extract: to help smooth skin for more radiance and provide that cooling sensation
  • Mineral Enriched Water: to help brighten your skin

Not sure which face mask to choose or have combo skin?

Combine them!! Why not “double mask?” Yes, that actually is a thing!

Here are TWO great ways to combine:

1. Mix them prior to application and place on your entire face

2. Purify on your T-zone, where you are likely to have larger pores and excess oil and then Glowify on remainder surrounding skin for that glow.

If you don’t want to combine in one application, another option is to alternate them. Why not do them each once per week or maybe alternate every other week if you want to mask just once per week? Most recommend masking at 1-2 times per week, depending on your skin of course.

The simple how to:

First of all the prep! Pull your hair back, maybe put a robe on and why not find your favorite music and glass of wine! Treat yourself! Of course, if you don’t have time you can certainly multitask. My kids think it is pretty funny to see me doing my cleaning with my mask on.

Next, you must cleanse! You want to start with a clean face before you apply that mask. You certainly would not want to mask on top of all the oil, dirt, and makeup that is currently on your face. Start with a cleanser like Luminous – it is great at removing makeup and dissolving dirt.

Apply the mask in a thin layer to your face AND neck. Yes, don’t forget your neck – that’s why I suggest a robe. The other key is to apply a thin, even layer. More is not necessarily better here, plus your product will last longer!

Then sit back and relax while you let the mask dry for about 10 minutes or so. Yes, sometimes I start doing something and it is longer – that’s ok.

Now rinse the mask off in cool water. If it helps, first use warmer water to remove and then splash with cool water when you are done.

After rinsing, you can finish with Beauty Water, a micellar water, to remove any traces of mask and leave your skin feeling amazing, hydrated, and smooth.

Product images of EVER Glowify beauty mask, Beauty water makeup removing cleanser, and Purify beauty mask

Get a discount by ordering the set: Mask of your choice + Beauty Water!

There you have it! Now you are left with skin that is clear and radiant!

Helpful accessories for easy application of your face mask:

Check out these facial mask applicators from Amazon – perfect to get it just right, especially if you are targeting a certain area. No messy fingers and it goes on evenly.

These wraps/headbands are perfect for masking, washing, or makeup application. A great addition to your spa day.

I love bamboo washcloths or muslin cloths. They will make it easy to wash the mask off when you are done.

Of course, how can you have a spa experience without the robe?! This Turkish waffle robe is so cute and cozy and if you don’t like boring white they have colors too!

Now grab your supplies, perhaps a bottle of wine and plan that lady’s spa night right in your own home!

Do you have a mask in your skin care routine?

Also, read my 10 reasons to choose EVER and all about EVER’s 4 step skin care regimen

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