Exfoliating your lips should be an important part of your regular skincare. It keeps your lips healthy, moisturized and looking their best – ready for your favorite shade of lip color.

But, why exfoliate your lips? Can’t you just apply a bunch of lip balm?  Is it really worth the extra effort?

how to exfoliate your lips and prep for stunning color. Plus DIY lip scrub recipes.

Yes!! Here are two important reasons why:

  • Your lips have NO sebaceous (oil) glands: Your lips are not equipped with sebaceous or oil glands like the rest of your skin & scalp to provide natural moisture
  • Your lips are covered only by a very thin layer of skin: This means that they lose moisture very easily

So then what happens? You end up with dry flaky or cracked lips. The dry air, sun, wind, saliva (lip licking), decreased water/fluid intake – that you may be exposed to can easily cause your lips to get extremely dry. That means that your lip balm will not even be effective – it can’t even get to your lips.

Now think of that perfect lip color that you have in your purse – how is that going to look on those dry lips?

The way to get healthy looking, smooth kissable lips perfect for that stunning lip color – exfoliate those lips!

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Three Simple Ways to Exfoliate Your Lips

1. Reveal Peel Pads

If you are already using EVER Skin’s Pure Results Regimen you have a handy way to gently exfoliate already – your Reveal Peel Pads! They have won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award for a reason.  After you have used it on your face, then gently swipe it across your lips – simple and gentle. They use clinical-grade micro-exfoliants and lactic acid to gently exfoliate without harsh scrubbing or need to “rinse off” all the grainy texture.

Extra tip: EVER’s Luminous Cleansing Balm is a great prep to gently soften prior to the exfoliation! Just rub the cleanser on your lips as you are washing your face, then follow up with a Reveal Peel Pad.

EVER Reveal Peel Pads, Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner

2. Toothbrush / Exfoliating Brush

Yes – you can exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush!  You already brush your teeth a couple of times a day right? Now once in a while just extend that to your lips. You may have already been brushing your tongue – now don’t forget your lips!

Just very gently with a soft toothbrush rub back and forth to gently exfoliate the dry skin on your lips. Check out this great set of Silicone Exfoliating Lip Tools if you want to keep your toothbrush for inside your mouth only. They will last and are easy to keep clean.

3. Lip Scrub

Ready Made Lip Scrubs

Of course – there are actual lip scrubs made just for this job.  Lip scrubs are certainly easy to find, you can get them everywhere now. In fact here are a couple with top reviews and natural ingredients from Amazon. Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub made with real Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil and NRB Beauty Revival Lip Scrub in a set that exfoliates and moisturizes.

DIY Lip Scrubs

Really you don’t even have to go to the store for a lip scrub. It is pretty simple to make your own right at home, most often with ingredients that you already have! Here are a few great DIY recipes to try.

Honey and Sugar lip scrub recipe Chocolate Lip Scrub Recipe

Just mix your desired ingredients & apply a small amount to your lips, rubbing gently in circular motions. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes and then wipe off with a soft wet cloth. You should be doing this a couple of times per week to keep those lips looking fresh and hydrated.

What do these ingredients do?

Coconut oil soothes and deeply moisturizes.

Honey has natural healing properties.

Sugar provides exfoliation for dry, dead surface skin.

Cocoa also helps to moisturize deeply and removes dark color.

Vanilla has all kinds of benefits with antioxidants that prevent and reverse skin damage.

You Exfoliated Your Lips – Now What?

Follow up with a good lip balm, some kind of moisturizer. EVER’s Smooth is perfect for this. It is ultra nourishing with natural oils and botanical extracts including 40% Shea butter. It provides instant soothing to those dry lips.

Ever Smooth All over Beauty Balm

Now For Some Stunning Lip Color

Now you are ready for your for favorite lip color! Your color will go on better, last longer, and of course look great!

Don’t have a favorite lip color yet?

EVER’s FOREVER long-wearing lip color goes on like a gloss, but dries matte and will last you hours. This makes it even more important to prep your lips first. Your color will absolutely look smoother and last longer with regular lip exfoliation. Who has time to reapply your lip color all day? You are busy right? Put it on and forget about it!

EVER’s formula also contains their signature Magnolia Oil which contains antioxidants and hydrates and protects your lips.

Side note: Prior to doing your long-wearing lip color, you will want to wipe off excess oils, just to make it last longer.

Now you know the secret to make your FOREVER look better and last longer. Now just pick out your shade, or mix to create your perfect individualized color.


EVER's Forever Lip Color shades








What is your favorite way to exfoliate your lips?

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