Lavish is an award-winning body butter by EVER. In 2017 it won Allure’s Best of Beauty award and now has an almost “cult-like” following! Lavish contains a Superfruit Complex that delivers antioxidants, and deeply moisturizes, nourishes and protects your skin. It literally melts into your skin, leaving it super soft and more firm. It smells amazing, all with no synthetic fragrances. If you are not already familiar with EVER, here are my 10 reasons to choose EVER’s amazing products. Clean beauty is an important health choice that you should make for you and your family.

So now you say, “Yes, but what can Lavish do for me? How do I use Lavish?” Well. . . . . . I’m glad you asked! Believe me, it is MUCH MORE than “just a moisturizer.” Its properties will help heal and protect your skin. Here is a list of some of the many ways you can use Lavish! 

Title "17 ways to use EVER's Lavish" 2 jars of EVER's Lavish Body Butter with fruit

1. Any Dry Skin

Ok this is obvious, after all, it is a moisturizer. 

Right out of the shower or bath is the best time to put this on daily to retain that moisture that you just soaked up! Stay in maintenance mode by using Lavish regularly so you keep your skin looking nice!


before and after dry hands healed after 2 weeks of Lavish


2. Dry Cracked Hands

Here is where my personal testimony comes in! Lavish has healed my skin and maintained it! You know that greasy feeling that some moisturizers make you endure?  NOT Lavish!

I have tried so many options. As a Pediatrician and a mom of 4, I am constantly washing my hands, then add on top of that winter conditions and my hands would be bleeding! They were so red and sore all the time. I tried countless things and I would find that some would help a bit, but it wouldn’t really last, it was just a vicious cycle.

Enter Lavish. I started using Lavish every night before bed, & in the beginning a time or two during the day, and my hands have never been so soft and smooth! It has actually changed the texture of my skin.


3. Eczema

I have seen moms in tears over this!! I have a fellow team member who joined just for this reason. Her son’s skin improved so much that they no longer needed to keep their appointment with the specialist to try and take care of his eczema. Of course, the bonus is it is safe for the whole family and I’ve had kids tell me it smells like frosting!

Before and after of baby's facial eczema treated with 2 applications of Lavish

4. Psoriasis

Like eczema, I have heard great stories of individuals improving so much with regular Lavish use that they are able to come off of their daily topical steroids! Who wouldn’t want to give up prescription medications for a cleaner option? It is so much better for your skin.

5. Sunburn & Other Sun Damaged Skin

Many of us have had that “oops moment” when you realized that you stayed in the sun a little too long, or maybe it was forgetting to apply or reapply your sunscreen. Now you are dealing with the consequences – enter Lavish. How about skin that has been damaged over many seasons of sun exposure? Well, Lavish may be of great benefit there as well. Check it out! This is overnight after Lavish! If you have ever had a bad burn you know that you would do anything for quick relief.


before and after sunburn treated with EVER's Lavish

6. Bug Bites

Have you ever had a nasty reaction to a bite? In this example, they had tried multiple topical treatments for days and they thought – “Why not try Lavish?” And of course, it worked!before and after of swollen, red insect bite treated with EVER's Lavish

7. Smooth Hair

I have to admit I didn’t think of this at first, but it works! You know those little flyaway hairs you get? Why not use Lavish to help smooth them out, after all with all these uses you already have it pretty handy! I know it’s in my purse.

8. Shaving

Before and after shaving! If your skin is already soft and smooth from using it prior to your shower, you may not even need shaving cream! You will have the softest and smoothest legs you have ever had!

9. Stretch Marks

Moms are constantly on the lookout for ways to fade these pesky marks that their children gave them.  Lavish has worked for many! Just look at the picture – one month! They faded significantly and you better bet this is one happy mom!before and after stretchmarks treated with EVER's Lavish

10. Pregnant Belly

We mentioned stretch marks, why not try and prevent them and keep that belly soft and smooth through pregnancy?! I have had 4 children, I know I had a lot of itching on my belly during pregnancy with all the skin stretching. I would have loved to have Lavish then!

11. Surgical Scars

C-section, biopsy, appendectomy, accident – no matter what the reason, Lavish may help fade those scars.

12. Old Burns

Here again – fading old scars/marks, it works for many. Do not use on fresh burns – only begin using after the skin has healed.

13. Repel Mosquitos

This was a pleasant side effect noted by many Lavish fans! It may smell pleasant to you, but not to those pesky mosquitos! Way better than a spray down with smelly bug spray while you have to hold your breath for a short stay outside. 

14. “Creepy Skin”

That just sounds bad right? Unfortunately as we all age we may encounter this unpleasant skin condition. Around your knees or neck are common – don’t worry Lavish has you covered!

before and after loose skin on neck treated with EVER's Lavish

15. Cellulite

Cellulite – the cringe-worthy word that no one wants to hear. How about Lavish to help smooth out those areas that make us all a bit self-conscious?

16. Hives/Minor Rash

Minor rashes? Why not try some Lavish? Many have reported relief from unpleasant side effects of a rash. Of course, please get a diagnosis from your physician if it is an unknown rash first. I have to say that I had a team member join because this was the only thing that was not uncomfortable for her son to put on his rash – not only NO complaints, but it was almost gone by the next day!! This was better than any other prescription cream that he had tried. She now is never without it!

17. Getting Feet Sandal Ready

Do you get those nasty heels? Dry, peeling, cracking – not very pretty for summertime sandals. Lavish works wonders to quickly get those feet smooth and worthy to show off.

before and after dry feet treated with EVER's Lavish


Tubs of EVER's Lavish showing Allure Best of Beauty Award and fruit.

Although there are sooooooo many uses mentioned here I do want to be clear about when you may NOT want to use Lavish.

Please use caution with areas of open skin. It would best be used in the continued healing process once everything has healed over. I would not recommend applying to open areas.

If you have unknown lesions or rashes, please see your doctor. Especially for possible allergic reactions, infections, or if you have worsening lesions, or rashes with other symptoms (like fever, etc) for a diagnosis prior to attempting to self-treat.

Remember I am a doctor, but I am NOT YOUR doctor. Please discuss concerns you may have with your primary physician first.

What makes you most excited about trying Lavish?  If you have used Lavish – what for? Anything that I have left out of this list? 

Order your Lavish here today! Then you can share with me how it changed your skin!

Love it? Please share!


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